Community Partner Project Proposal Form for JLJ Year 2018-2019


Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Junior League of Jackson (JLJ) to use our volunteer and financial resources to help improve the lives of children and youth in our community.  The Junior League of Jackson endorses a Community Impact Model for the selection and evaluation of its community projects.  This model requires the League to identify a small number of critical community needs, and to place its volunteers and project funds exclusively or primarily in those areas, in order to maximize the League’s effectiveness in improving the community.  The League recently updated and streamlined its community impact areas, which will be used for selecting 2018-2019 year projects.  The League has identified the following community needs:  EARLY LITERACY, CHILDREN’S HEALTH, AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT.  If your proposed project addresses one or more of these needs, we look forward to considering a partnership with your organization.  Our online application form has been revised, so we ask that you complete the application in its entirety.  If you have more than one proposed project idea, please submit a separate and complete application form for each proposal.  All Proposed Projects must begin no earlier than June 1, 2018, and conclude no later than May 31, 2019.
If you are a Member of the Junior League of Jackson, please DO NOT LOGIN to submit this proposal.  

For questions that might require multiple selections, simply hold the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard while making your selections.


Look at your Proposed Project timeline and list of Proposed Project activities that are to be completed by JLJ Volunteers. How many JLJ Volunteers will you need to complete this Proposed Project, knowing that each JLJ Volunteer will work 50 hours on the Proposed Project?  Please include preparation time in your calculations.  For example, if JLJ Volunteers will prepare food as a part of the Proposed Project, please include time needed for shopping and food preparation.  Each Proposed Project must have a minimum of 5 JLJ Volunteers to be considered.  You may include a minimum and maximum number of JLJ Volunteers.  (If you do not need JLJ Volunteers to complete your Proposed Project, your Proposed Project is considered ineligible.) 

Please provide the contact information of the individual from your organization who will be on site during the completion of activities related to this project:


Please keep in mind when completing your budget that JLJ does not pay ongoing salaries or stipends or administrative and overhead costs; however, JLJ funds may be used for guest speakers, etc. hired specifically for the Proposed Project.  You may click here to download a copy of the table the JLJ has developed or create a similar table of your own.  Save your completed budget as a PDF or Word document and upload below.



*Choose the community need(s) your proposed project will address (it is possible to select multiple options, BUT is not necessary to select more than one).  For Early Literacy - The JLJ is interested in improving school readiness; Children’s Health - JLJ is interested in improving knowledge of the importance of eating nutritional foods, improving accessibility to these foods, improving the knowledge of the importance of being physically active and promoting the development of skills to be physically active; Social Development - JLJ is interested in encouraging a sense of respect for self/others, encouraging self-esteem/self confidence, providing safe/healthy environments for the development of social/emotional health and increasing access to activities that teach responsible decision making and positive life choices.

What specific outcomes do you expect to achieve?


The focus of the Junior League of Jackson continues to be improving the lives of children and youth in our community, with special emphasis in the areas of early literacy, children’s health and social development. All projects will include a mandatory comprehensive evaluation to measure community impact in these areas, including an exit interview with the community partner at the conclusion of the project.  Project evaluations will help your organization and the Junior League of Jackson plan better projects, improve service to constituents, build stronger communities and determine the impact this project has on our community.

With this information in mind, how will you evaluate this project? How will you know it is successful?  Do you have evidence that this has been a successful project in the past?  What information and data will you collect throughout the project to demonstrate that your goals and outcomes have been realized?  For example, if your project is helping 3rd graders improve reading skills, you would want to know if their reading test scores have improved and by how much. 


You’re almost done! Look back at the information you have provided.  Have you described in very specific terms what you hope to accomplish with this project?  Have you described in detail what each JLJ volunteer will be doing?  Have you filled out the application in its entirety?

*  The Project Package for 2018-2019 will be finalized by the Junior League of Jackson in February of 2018, and you will be notified of the JLJ decision regarding this Proposed Project via email by February 27, 2018. 

*  A Community Project Agreement (contract) will be required of all Community Partners before the beginning of any project with the Junior League of Jackson. 

*  When this form is complete, please click on the SUBMIT button below.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon receipt of your completed application.